My work begins with a sensory experiences in nature. Nature is constantly in flux. Any study of it makes that clear. At the  same time, it has a cyclic tendency of experiences in nature of the night. In a lunar month or twenty nine and a half days the  moon goes through a variety of phases. It waxes from new moon when it is in shadow to full moon when it appears as a bright white circle and then wanes  back down to new moon at which point the cycle starts all over. I routinely place myself in environments and at specific times to observe , interact and create images concerning the moon. 


The moon has it's draw.water It has the power to lift the tides  in    It has a similar power to affect human emotion. It's patterns and complexity is constantly shifting and yet there is a constancy that makes it susceptible to routine experience and study.   In the pattern of our busy lives, it overlooks us more than we notice it. distraction of city light, the moon sometimes gets overlookked

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