In a lunar month or twenty nine and a half days the  moon goes through a variety of phases. It waxes from new moon when it is in shadow to full moon when it appears as a bright white circle and then wanes  back down to new moon at which point another cycle begins. My work begins with a sensory experience in nature. Nature is constantly in flux. At the same time, it is cyclic. Often it moves to fast to make sense of but the fact that it comes around again offers a strategy to work with it. 

 I routinely place myself in environments and at specific times to observe , interact and create images concerning the  night and frequently the moon.  

The above image is a photo of me developing a moon span image. I am observing and documenting the course of the moon through the sky over the course of one night in March.  If you look closely at the photo, you will notice that there is a sheet draped over the right side of the painting. On a clear night in the winter,frost accumulates. If a panel is exposed to the atmosphere over the course of an entire night, approximately an eighth inch of frost will settle on the surface. This means the surface won't accept paint. The sheet solves this problem. The painting is laid out from left to right , mirroring the movement of the moon across the sky from left to right. The sheet gets unraveled as I work.   

In general my work involves being in the atmosphere and figuring out ways to work in it

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